Full service laboratory consists of industry’s most capable and reliable high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) Chandler Equipment

State of the Art Laboratory and Engineering Solutions:

  • Model 7322 HPHT Consistometer is designed to test cement thickening behavior under a variety of downhole conditions. Also used to prepare slurries for other tests such as measuring free water content, testing for fluid loss or viscosity and consistency.
  • A breakthrough instrument, the Model 5265 Static Gel Analyzer simultaneously measures both a slurry’s compressive strength development and its static gel strength development while it is cured under downhole temperature and pressure conditions.
  • The Model 1200 Atmospheric Consistometer is specifically designed to be a simple and accurate means to prepare cement slurries for the testing of rheological properties, fluid loss and various other properties in strict compliance with API 10 A/B
  • Constant Speed Mixer
  • Model 3530 Fully Automated Concentric Cylinder Viscometer designed to meet API and ISO requirements for viscosity measurements.
  • The Model 7120 Stirred Fluid Loss Cell measures the fluid loss properties of muds and slurries in accordance with API procedures.

Spinnaker’s Laboratory tests include:

  • Consistency (Pump Time Tests) for both Pilot and Field Blends
  • Rheology
  • Compressive Strengths
  • Static Gel Analysis
  • Fluid Loss
  • Mud – Spacer Compatibility Test
  • Free Water
  • Water QC (Titration)
  • HCL Titration
  • Hydrometer Testing
  • Iron and Sulfate Testing

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